♪ The Journey of FAITH.

Love, Praise, Pray


So thankful to be found in this place I call HOME outside of home.

It is a great privilege and honour that cannot be taken for granted.

What can be normal for us, may not be normal for others – And that is something we cannot forget.

The presence, the anointing all comes from the Pastors, Leaders and Church builders who have first Built and Sacrificed.


Stepping Up.

Today marks the first time I planned games for the CG!

It was an enriching, enlightening and nerve-wrecking experience all in one.

There are 3 principles that I have learnt from this:

  • Prepare, prepare & prepare!

It is always good to prepare earlier, so that there is allowance in cases of change. After planning, comes systems and processes of preparation. What do I need to prepare? Materials, rounds and duration of the games, limitations all plays a part. Over-preparation is always better than preparing just right!

  • Pre-empting

What are the loopholes of the game? How can people exploit it? How can I prevent it? – Think like the people playing!

  • Putting myself in Others shoes

Will the game be engaging/enjoyable/fun? Is it suitable for this crowd? How will I feel if I were to play it? How will … feel when they play it? – Having others in consideration is important to determine if they will enjoy it!

Planning for games is indeed challenging, but fun at the same time! 

*a photo to remember what I had done 😉

Will really need to challenge myself to take charge, lead and be more confident of what I am doing! Stepping up and going out of the comfort zone!

Over-preparation leads to confidence, which leads to positive atmosphere!


As we thinking about the word “giving”, it can mean a lot of things. Giving in terms of time, money, physical strength. But what does it really mean to give?

Personally, I feel that giving is not an obligation. I did it because of gratitude.

It is with the same heart as David, where he wants to build God a house. In the same way, I want to build God something that is bigger and will last longer than me.

Today’s service just reminded me of the reason behind my giving.

I give because of gratitude for what I have received and are blessed with. In God’s hands and time, everything will work out just fine – We just need to have trust in Him.

I saw the amount to pledge, and was blessed with this vision that God have given me. I felt that this is a calling that God have placed in my heart, and that it will come to pass – Just as our dreams do come true!

As we build God’s house, God will build our house.


I feel the need to thank God for finding me today, and placing me in this family where we will grow old together, into the many following stages of life to come.

These people are really the best sources of support, happiness, and love in this walk of life. I may not have known them for very long, but they are easily the best people to go to whenever help is needed, and I will be able to have peace in our conversations. They celebrate with me on my completion of follow up, cheered me on and welcomed me to the family so warmly. Really the people who build the atmosphere of faith and positivity for others.

Our family will only grow bigger, with deep benches and people rising up to lead others. So inspired by them to be the same for others, just as how they are to me.

This is a blessing from God, and something I treasure for the rest of my life.

The Beginning.

Today marks the completion of my follow up! So happy to be able to finish it, and welcome 2016 with greater faith and hope! 🙂

I had learnt so much through this 8 lessons, and it will be lessons i keep close to my heart. Follow ups are really important for my walk in Christian life as it addressed all the details that new Christians will have. So grateful to be found in a church where Pastors focus on the details and growth of its members in their walk with God.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotton Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life – John 3:16

CHRISTmas 2015

Today marks the birth of Christ, and my first official Christmas celebration at HOGC after accepting Christ! 

I am so happy that I am planted in this church where I can grow my potential, stretch and breakthrough my limits with my Pastors, leaders and friends! 

Today, 3 more new colleagues were invited for the Christmas service! I am so excited and attended service with a heart of expectacy for God to move in their lives! 

It is also special to me as I prayed for another person for the first time! I am so excited and nervous at the same time!

And it was amazing as I felt God with me, speaking through me, that whatever I was praying for this person, it will be done! I have so much faith in what God will be doing for her and felt so touched by God’s love for her! He have great plans for her future and she will come to realise it! 

It is always through these that I see God working through our lives, see His endless love for us and the blessings we have from Him! My level of faith just keeps going up with everything that I witness in our daily lives and prayers! I thank God for His love for us every single day.  

Christianity is not a religion. It is a relationship. 

God is always listening. 

It is the 8th day of my Japan trip and I need to share this wonderful and amazing encounter I had! 

We went to USJ! But unfortunately, the ride that I enjoyed very much were not so enjoyable for one of my other friend. She was so traumatized by the encounter that she cried! Super OMG ><

But it just so happens that we had this brief crazy moment over some twist-turn-toy-drop machines outside USJ just before we leave that place. And, my traumatized friend just so happens to want one of the toys but didn’t get it for the first time. 

We managed to convince her that we should try again, and on the way to the machines, I sent a tiny prayer to God for whatever she wanted to drop out as I was feeling so guilty over her horrible experience with the ride. I told God how guilty I was, and how I wanted this to help her be happy.. 

Amazingly, it came to pass! What I prayed for came true! God heard my prayers and moved! It is so AMAZING. I was so in awe of what God had done! 

It is then I realized that I will never be alone. God will always have my back! I felt so much love and secure in God’s presence and blessings 🙂 

Prayers works!

2nd last CG 2015. 

Today’s the 2nd last CG for 2015 and I don’t wanna miss a thing on what’s going to be shared! CG is always a special time as we got to connect and come closer as individuals into a spiritual family with God 🙂 

The messages shared in CG is always close to my heart and it is always so timely! Just when there are questions in my heart, it will be answered through the CGs! 

And so, today was radical for me. 

I was supposed to prepare to fly to Japan on a midnight flight today, but it so happens that there is CG at the last minute! So what do I do? Bring my luggage to attend CG before flying off!! 

It was a rushed and tiring thing to do.. BUT! With the support of my friends and God, it is all worth it! I am glad to be on the same page with leaders and Pastors, and contribute to being a church builder! 

I didn’t think my actions was significant enough to warrant any recognition, as I am still new to everything but God thought otherwise. He spoke to me through my leaders, and I felt so overwhelmed by His love and support for me. 

I am spurred to continue reaching out and running after God! It is with God, that all things are possible! 

The final push – Prayer and Unity. 

Truth Hurts.

Indeed, the truth hurts. To be a disciple, I have to know that correction does not mean rejection. 

This is something that was shared in CG today. It was an extremely powerful session with our leader sharing her honest feelings with us 🙂 

I discovered that there are stages that we go through in church. From being guests in church, to members before progressing to being a church builder, it speaks about life and the experiences we go through. Some may be content with being a member in church, but i feel that i can never be satisfied in my giving and love for God. 
I want to submit, and be a disciple of God. To do so, i have to learn to be humble, secure, honest and open to the truth. 

As we prayed to God with our conviction and commitment as a whole, i saw the word MISSONS and the banner of our church’s mission team. I prayed that i will not be insecure with what i want to do, to be committed in what i believe in.

I believe that this was God telling me that i should not doubt myself, and to do what i want to do; going on mission trips being one of my goals in serving and helping others. It is really powerful as I sense His presence and promise in what i saw. 

The heart of discipleship is not to bring you down. Discipleship is always for you to see yourself. 

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